...save a control surface map?

I’ve spent several hours binding buttons and button combinations on my X-touch to functions in Ardour (there are lots of things that can be mapped!).

However, that effort has been lost as Ardour hasn’t remembered the bindings and I can see no obvious way of saving a map. I recall that Ardour didn’t quit cleanly when I did that so figured that might be the reason the changes were lost.

I’ve spent a while trying to remember what I’d done and recreate (some of) the mapping, but again it hasn’t been retained in spite of Ardour quitting cleanly. Fortunately I did a screen-shot of the settings so at least I know what they were.

Short of editing the User (edited).profile in .config/ardour5/mcp, is there a way to get Ardour to remember control surface bindings?

I’m using the official 5.12 build from here.

So to be clear, there is a “User (edited).profile” file in ~/.config/ardour5/mcp but its contents are wrong?

That’s correct, there’s “User (edited).profile” as well as a “User.profile” in that folder. I can select either in Ardour and use the edited one (i.e. it’s not that I’ve been looking at the wrong profile).

Yes, its contents are wrong: the “User edited” profile has some mappings that I created a couple of years ago but none of the ones I’ve added recently.