Samson CO1U USB mic gain problem solved!

On my Mac there has been a problem with my Samson USB CO1U mics that came up when I recently switched the same mics between laptops, which I have just solved. The problem was there with Audacity and Soundstudio, and may be the same issue with other apps. I am running system 10.5.8. Also, I am using two of these mics for stereo recording, but the issue is the same for a single mic. The source of this potential issue is the fact that even though these are mono mics they have two channels, and both channels must have their gain all the way up in order to have full gain from the mic.

Go to the AudioMIDI Setup Utility in the utilities folder, select the Samson mic in the dropdown for “Properties For”. Under “Audio Input” you will see the option of 1 or 2 channels. Select 2-ch. Down below and to the left the L & R volume sliders for both channels should be all the way to the right. Make them so and you have maxed the mic’s internal gain, which can be later adjusted down in your recording app without affecting this internal setting. You can now put the mic setting back to 1 channel without affecting overall gain. If you use two mics for stereo, set each mic like this individually, go to the Aggregate Device Editor under “Audio” on the menu bar, aggregate the two mics, and you are done. If you need to balance the gain on these mics afterward, you can do so by selecting them individually, making any changes, and then go back to Aggregate Device as the Default Input and Properties For. (There may be similar configuration setting on a PC.) Hope this helps!

Nice!! I actually had switched back to OSX 10.4 (after a failed attempt to use ubuntu ppc) because the samson softpre was not supported in leopard, and this is my main vocal mic. Thanks so much for the tip!!!

You are welcome!

Can you post this with information from Windows 7?
I can find my way to put it under 2 channels, but I can’t get to the volume adjustments.