Samplv1 won't load

When I try to add a MIDI track with the samplv1 LV2 plugin, the MIDI track is created with no plugin attached and I get the follow message from Ardour: “[WARNING]: Failed to add Synth Plugin to newly created track.” When I scan for plugins in Ardour, I don’t get any error for samplv1.

I am on Linux Mint 20.2 and Ardour 6.9.0. I installed samplv1 from the Mint package manager. Ardour was downloaded from the Ardour website. The standalone samplv1 program works perfectly, just the plugin won’t load.

In troubleshooting, I found people who had a similar issue when using older versions of Ardour. None of the solutions applied to my situation.

I’ve tried reinstalling and building samplv1 from source without success.

Any other ideas?

HI, I use samplv1 a lot with Ardour 6.9 compiled for openSUSE. No issue here, but I did a quick test with Ardout-7.0 nightly build and the plugin does not load:
2022-01-04T22:35:32 [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin samplv1 - an old-school polyphonic sampler
2022-01-04T22:35:32 [WARNING]: Failed to add Synth Plugin to newly created track.

I don’t know if Ardour 7.0 is half broken (pre alpha stage) or it’s a libraries issued caused by Qt. Sorry, I can’t help you more…


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