Sample Rate Defaults to 44.1 kHz

Hi, I am using 7.5 on Windows 11. Previously, the sample rate of a new project would show last used, which I prefer as I always use the same. Now, it defaults to 44.1 kHz every time. I have also noted it’s more prone to crashing than previous versions. Is this just me or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks

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I use windows 10 and have had some severe issues using the ‘Generic Low Latency Driver’. If I don’t have my external USB Audio (Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1), I use the ASIO4All (link) Drivers. They work much better for Ardour and other DAWs.

If I have my external USB Audio hooked up, when I route the windows sounds to the outputs of the external card by hovering over the speaker icon in the lower left corner, I have trouble selecting any other sample rate other than what the sound card settings in windows are set up for (usually 44.1kHz). I cannot select any other sample rate until I change my windows sounds back to the internal sound card. Something in Windows is preventing changing the sample rate.

What drivers are you using for Ardour ? Are you using the internal sound card, or a high-quality internal / external audio interface ?

If you are using an external/internal high quality device, are the system / windows sounds routed to it , possibly preventing selecting a different sample rate ?

ASIO drivers are the way to go for DAW audio.

I have never used the MME drivers in Windows. They are probably useful under specific circumstances. I tried several years ago and decide to never try them again.

Also, when I open my Audio device configuration using ‘Device Control Panel’ I cannot change ANY of the Audio/MIDI Setup options until I close my Device Control Panel (specific to drivers and sound card) that opened up.

Hopefully these suggestions will help fix the problem.

Thanks, sorry you are having so many issues. I am just using the built-in
drivers and I can select other sample rates, it’s just that it now defaults
to 44.1, which is new bahaviour.

i’m using the Mac version of 7.5 and i’m experiencing the same thing. thankfully it has only tripped me up once, but having to double check the sample rate every time i start a new session is a new behavior for me as well. i only use 48k. all my sessions are in 48k. my external clock is set to 48k. all signs point to 48k, yet Ardour now wants to default to 44.1k for some reason.

Just an FYI for anybody with a similar issue, when I disabled the external sound card in the Windows sound settings, I was able to change the sample rates and buffers with no problem. Somehow, Windows system was causing the sample rate to revert to 44.1kHz and interfering with the ASIO drivers.
Now I am free to change to whatever sample rate and buffer size without any issues or hiccups.

Playback and Record devices should both be disabled.


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