Salut Les Amoureux

Original title is City Of New-Orleans written by an american songwriter named Steeve Goodman,
The song had quite a success with the help of Willie Nelson ( the Guy with long hair and a hat )
In France It was a hit with a cover by Joe Dassin who rewrote the song and met success ( he was french but either his mother,or father , I don’t remember was american so he went deep into the groove of the song)
Made with the " beloved " ( ok for some emphasis :slight_smile:) Ardour
Hope you will give an ear when you have time for It.
This is a " dry" cover though I had a little bit of work with It…
All the best.

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NIce! I like the simplicity of it, and very nice voice!

And it shows again: French is the better language for lyrics…

On occasion the recording sounds like it’s distorted. I can’t put my finger on it, perhaps some reverb resonance? It sounds a bit metallic. It could also be some compressor/gate issue. Did you use any effects? – The balance is fine and the performance is great!

Thanks for sharing! … now another bottle of red and move on to Les feuilles mortes…

NnHi Robin,
Thanks a lot for giving time to listen and comment my attempt in music production :slight_smile:
Well ,concerning the kind of ringing ,I cannot tell where lies the culprit.
I recorded the first track with a condenser mike which took a lot of the guitar part which was doubled with the piezzo of the guitar on a second track ,then I replayed the guitar part recorded with an old AKG mike I like.
Then I put it all into Mixbus and tried to make It sound ( after some kind of fights with sample rate issues :slight_smile:)
And then ,listening to what came out of It, I was confronted with an overload in frequency at the start of the song ( I think around 200 hz) and coudn’t get rid of It…
But you must be right ,because I compressed the voice track and because of the bleeding ,then It overboosted the guitar part .
So until now ,I raised the threshold of the compressor on this perticular track,put some automation to reduce the level of the guitar on the mentionned track and I think It comes ,more or less, acceptable,
But the fact is that It is better to use a dynamic microphone If I record voice while playing the guitar …
Well ,for Autumn. Leaves ,I’m afraid It will demand more than one bottle of red wine :blush:

I literally meant Les feuilles mortes, Gainbourg’s three chord version – really 5 chords :slight_smile: Your deep voice reminded me of that.

Anyway thanks for sharing!

Both of his parents were american by the way. I don’t really know how Joe Dassin finished to be one of the most famous french singer.

“Salut les amoureux” is a great song. One of my fovorite among the classic french 'variété". IMHO much better than the original one. The french lyrics are very good and the song have a bit of melancholy that i like and don’t have the “country” side of the Willie Nelson version which is a good point for my tastes.

I really like your version, especially your voice despite two things. It lacks a bit of “fluidité” to me, i don’t know how to explain it better, it sounds a bit “haché” in my ears. At 1:20 and many times later you make this change (i think it goes higher in tonality but i’m not sure of the word, sorry i’m a punk not a musician) that we can find in the Willie Nelson’s version and not in the Joe Dassin’s version. In my opinion it spoils a bit the melancholic side of the song.

But maybe i have too much in my mind and ears the version of Joe Dassin. Congratulations for this cover !

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Hello Youki!
Thanks a lot for time spent listening and even posting a comment on " Salut Les Amoureux "
I think you are french ,but let’s go on in english in a meaning of being kind to the people who are mooving around this forum…
On the lack of “flow” ,I try to sing with short consonants and full vowels ,but with rythm constraints and a lack of proper training ( I am not good enough a musician to make a living with It :sunglasses:), It brings me to a somewhat laborious performance…
On the tone, I personally like country music and had in mind to sing City Of New-Orleans but I told myself that as far as we have the really good re writing in french by Joe Dassin, It was normal to go for It :sunglasses:,but having the other tune in mind maybe I changed some tones…
Well , sorry for putting all my life on this post :slight_smile:
Merci encore.

To my hears it sounds like there is slight distortion on the voice almost throughout the whole song (as if you had recorded your voice in 4kHz then upsampled and added high tones). It indeed makes the voice sound metallic. I encountered similar issues when using compressors or gates with very short attacks and releases, but never as much. Either the guitars are clean or my untrained ears cannot hear the distortion there.

I listened to your others performances on soundcloud and even if they have the same problem it is less pronounced IMO. Since you have a grainy voice (which I like by the way), it is sometimes hard to decide what comes from a “bitcrusher” distortion and what comes from the grain of the voice.

I like the interpretation, it doesn’t feel too forced or choppy, especially having in mind the style of the song.

Hi Julien,
I think you are french,but let’s try to go ahead in english for the convenience of everyone here.
Thanks a lot for time spent listening to my tunes and this perticular one.
The sound is distorded !!!
Well , I have to admit,your ears are better than mine.
I don’t think it comes from bitcrushing …I think it is because I have wrong settings with the audio chain and wrong sound in mind and because I go to fast in mike placements and settings…
I also go too fast in post recording treatments and compress too fast and be too much in the rush to hear and publish the result …
All mistakes an amateurish singer songwriter can easily fall into :pensive:
Anyway thanks a lot for your comment and for your advices.
( edits are due to typing errors…)