I made with my band some demo records. You can listen to the songs on our website

The record was made with ardour 3 alpha from svn. I own a MultiMix16 Firewire Alesis console. The recording was made live without overdubbs. We used up to 16 Channels plus Midi recording.

I’m happy to read your feedback.

Best regards

There are some useful plugins here:

thanks for your feedback. I’m using TAP Equalizer/BW, Calf Compressor and the irReverb with emt 250 presets. For the final mixdown I’m using jamin (limiter and little bit boost). What do you suggest for bass boost? Adding equalisation in jamin or is there a useful plugin?

Regards Herbie

very nice mix, though brasses are a bit too high in the mix in my opinion (I’m listening in an acoustically treated studio control room), and also a bass boost would help (there’s too much midrange overall). What plugins did you use?

WOW, xherbie, that was amazing.
I liked both he music and the recordings, although I tend to agree with vervelover about the brass being slightly too high in the mix.
You mentioned MIDI recording: which are the MIDI instruments that you used? All instruments sound to me quite “real”…

All instruments are natural. Only the keyboards (piano) were midified. Thanks for the feedback and best regards