Salsic - Prvenac

I made a CD Production with my band Salsic ( The CD arrived yesterday from the factory.

Recording and mixing was completely done with ardour. The songs were played live without any overdubs.

We are playing different styles from Latin to music from the balcan and jiddisch Songs. You may listen to the songs at soundcloud:

We used a behringer x32 for recording (up to 20 channels). It is a really good gear and works perfect with linux/ardour.

I hope you enjoy it.

Well done - I am enjoying the music!

Great stuff. The mixdown feels rather discreet, almost a bit unimpressive. But since there’s plenty of instruments to fill the musical space, this fits it well. (After all, this is just my opinion.) Always more important is the stuff going on in front of the microphones and this sounds like a barrel of fun to me.


Very impressive work, especially considering you recorded it live with such a large variety of acoustic instruments, it must have been quite an undertaking to manage so many mics with potential for phasing and bleed. Great music and band! Thanks for posting…