Salmon Crostinis (new track with DIY percs)

All the percs (except for the kicks) were sampled from an audio/video recording of a cooking session. After EQing the samples, I loaded them into Hydrogen, made beats, used Zynaddsubfx for all the synths, mastered the final track with JAMin, and everything was recorded and mixed down in Ardour2.

Using self-recorded sounds for percs is so fun. It always takes a lot more time, but I’m always more happy with the result.

Enjoy the track…it’s a free download. If anyone wants to use the Hydrogen drumkit, I will send it through email. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Smeefer, smeefer (at) gmail com.

Thanks for listening!

In Hydrogen, I only sequenced the percussions. For the synth sounds, I used ZynAddSubFX ( - It’s a great softsynth (my favorite). I played the melodies on my MIDI keyboard and recorded them directly into Ardour (then used effects, filters, etc).

Nice! I have often thought about doing this. You have inspired me to actually do it.

Oh wow! That makes me feel really good. You sampled a cooking session? It’s really fun…cooking can yield so many different interesting perc samples. I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing.

I used my track posted above as background music in a cooking show:

The video was edited and produced using Kdenlive and GIMP.