or Mac Os software differencies

After downloading the Mac executable Ardour software I’ve seen some differencies between the two packages.
The zip downloaded from contains a lot of plugins that the sae version misses.

The Sae version contains the jackd and the jack libraries that the version misses.

Probably it seems that the version needs to do a separate installation for jackd.

Could you tell me which would be the best solution?

It is correct that the SAE version (a) has less plugins and (b) includes JACK.

This is as requested by SAE. There are specific reasons for these choices. Notice that with the SAE version, you cannot connect other applications to Ardour via JACK. This is not because anything has been “disabled” - its because the JACK that is included is not “visible” to other programs and so it cannot be used. Again, this was SAE’s choice for their version - most of their target users do not want to do a separate JACK install and they felt that this was better.

In addition, a lot of the LADSPA plugins included in the “public” release are, frankly, not actually particularly good (though some are), and the sheer number of them represents a source of confusion to new users.

You have to make your own choices, too.

Are there are other audio applications to use on mac with jackd?
Can I install the ladspa plugins after the ardour intallation?


Every other audio application OS X can use JACK (as far as we know) if you use JackOSX (which comes with a client called JackRouter, that appears to be a CoreAudio device). You simply tell other apps to talk to JackRouter rather than some other CoreAudio device, and … voila.

Yes, you can add LADSPA plugins later.