S/PDIF aka Toslink connectivity

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I’m new to Linux (currently using Ubuntu Studio–liking it a lot so far) and I’m having some issues figuring things out. I’m trying to connect my Fostex MR-8 digital recorder to my Montego DDL PCI soundcard via S/PDIF cable. I plugged one end of the cable into the “S/PDIF Out” on my recorder and the other end into the “SPDIF In” on the soundcard. Here is where I get stuck. I can’t seem to find the S/PDIF port in JACK or Ardour. Anybody with a similar experience that could point me in the right direction?

On my M-Audio 2496 the S/PDIF is simply called system:capture_9 and 10 (there are 12 total). I assume it’s something similar on your Montego.