S_p_e_c_t_r_a_ - Wilhelmina

Aiming for a rich heavy 70s type sound and groove …

Feedback & questions welcome!

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I was there in the 70’s and this ain’t that :slight_smile: Too clean. This is very nice, though. Synthesizers? Details?

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Thanks! Appreciate it. I was just about there too… . :grin: But yes, aiming to get away from that too clean sound, would prefer it to sound more like you’re listening to it on AM radio… that kind of thing

Used two free synths for this. Everything apart from percussion is either u-he TyrellN6 or u-he Podolski.

The harpsichord like sound and bass are TyrellN6. The background vocal like sounds are Podolski with a lot of distortion (airwindows distortion plugin). Played around with some patches downloaded from the u-he site to get the sounds (I’d have to load it all up to check but if anyone really wants the details I’ll get them). Delay effects are Calf Vintage Delay. I threw around some more distortion on most tracks and added some Barry’s Satan Maximiser to the percussion to try get a more raw sound. Percussion is samples played with drumkv1.

It’s not entirely my thing, but I liked it. I find more common ground with the “chillout grooves” of the 90s (c.f. SomaFM’s Groove Salad Classic). The timbres are nice, and the density is just about right, though the harpsichord-y synth sounds slightly off (which could be intentional). Thanks for the listen.

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The u-he Free Plugins are a MUST. With the free plugins from u-he you can set something up properly. Plus some warm effects.

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Thanks for listening! Yes I see what you mean about the chillout stuff. + yes agree about the slightly off harpsichord sound. There’s always something slightly off with my stuff & never ends up where I meant to go but all part of the fun :grin:

Cheers for a great piece of software which reminds me it’s time for a donation.

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They’re fantastic aren’t they, I would definitely get some of the paid stuff if it wasn’t so eye wateringly expensive. But for me, the free ones do pretty much everything I want. They (relatively) simple but so versatile & sound great to me. Compare ZynAddSubFX which I also really like to use sometimes, but get kind of overwhelmed with the thousands of parameters & end up spending hours tweaking it. Quite like dexed too though don’t often use it as it sounds a bit hollow to my ears.

If anyone’s got any other free synth suggestions I’d love to hear them. Especially if they’ve got a nice 80s / 70s sound.

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