S_p_e_c_t_r_a_ : Bacchius

Attempted to make a nicely dramatic feedback guitar type sound against a swirling synth drone. Manually adjusted the drone cutoff in time with a lot of delay as it played to try get the swirling effect. Dance / d&b like percussion.

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I have the feeling that the rhythm is missing from this piece of music. Am I right?

Nice tune, and the guitar sound is indeed very interesting. Care to share your settings?

It’s in 3/4. At the start, the snares are in that time signature, but the tom is hitting once in every 4 beats so that’s probably what makes the rhythm seem off kilter.

Thank you. Sure, happy to share. There’s a lot of processing going on with that guitar like sound, probably not all needed, really. It’s all free plugins though so any should be able to recreate. This is how it’s set up in the track, in order:

u-he TyrellN6 (Slightly modified stock patch called TUC Herbies Wet Dream. Moog like. I will upload it.)
ACE Compressor (Threshold -23.5 dB, Makeup 3.4 dB)
airwindows MatrixVerb (Damping 0.2, 100% Wet)
Calf Phaser (2 Stages, Amount 1.3 dB)
ACE Compressor (again) (Threshold -47.3, Makeup 4.8 dB)
Lo Fi by CMT (Powersupply 69%, Opamp 5258)
airwindows Distortion (Input 10 dB, Mode Spiral, Output -2.3 dB, 0.36 Dry/Wet)
dRowAudio Tremolo (Rate 3 Hz, Depth 45%)

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