S and P keys not working anymore ... bug or feature (some yet unknown editing mode?)


since some time, an Ardour install I do not visit too often has started ignoring the S and P keys for splitting regions and positioning the cursor. Especially the latter makes it rather hard do do anything at all in Ardour (only found the workaround to create position markers and then use the context menu).

Is this a bug or acutally some mode of operation that has been activated accidentally (that’s how I discovered lock edit mode)?

This happened on Ardour 2.8.11, continues after updating to 2.8.12 (with accompanying jack update). It even persistet after deleting ~/.ardour2 … but perhaps the settings are in gconf or such? Well, did anyone experience that before?

If not, I guess I found a rather serious UI bug. I hope that’s not the case.

PS: I also managed to multiply a region (add many copies of it to the track) in a project while frantically hitting S and P in frustration. That’s one hint to me that this might be just another mode of operation…

Well, it was a feature after all: Someone has accidentally activated the mode to lock the cursor to the grid (position markers in this case). For sure not by intent.

After disabling that, it reacts normally again.

After lock edit mode, this is another feature I lean about by accident… after swearing for some time why I cannot move regions anymore. So… all fine here… I just hope that’s it with surprises in the GUI. Oh, well… and then comes Ardour 3;-)

Where did you install Ardour from? Here or form a repository?

You would be the first person I know of with this problem. Which indicates something specific about your install.


OK, so this speaks for a bug then:-(

This system is an install of ubuntu (studio) 10.04 64 bit, ardour2 and jack1 being built from source by my very self when updating to the latest ardour2; before it was the stock jack1 from ubuntu repositories.

The build of ardour 2.8.11 worked fine for many months (apart from the occasional hang and crash that you just cannot reliably debug, but not differing form other ardour2 installs). Something odd must have changed. Perhaps I can try a fully fresh user account … but I am at a loss at tracing a cause.

The machine ist not connected to the internet, so between the working state and the non-working state, there haven’t even been any updates of system software. Just people using the gear:-/

And yes, I tested in a terminal that the S and P keys on the keyboard actually work.

OK, so this speaks for a bug then:-(

Sadly no it doesn’t, that is the issue.

You seem to be the only one experiencing this issue, which could be a bug in Ardour, but is thus far more likely to be an issue on your machine somewhere. Until we can narrow down what precisely is causing it, we won’t know what it is.


Are you using jack 2? If so, you may running into this bug http://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=2856 when you try to reposition the playhead.

I have also occasionally had problems getting regions to split if the grid is turned on (and the playhead (which I use as the edit point) is not at a grid location). It seems that this can be fixed by turning grid off.

No, it’s jack1 (for ardour 2.8.12 upgraded to 0.121.3, formerly the stock ubuntu 10.04 one, 0.118.0, AFAIR). We got grid turned off, thought about such settings possibly disturbing, too. But even with grid, repositioning the playhead with P should work…