Rustling within my recording

Hello guys,
I recently struggle have struggle with Ardour5. When I start recording with my microphone via Interface an audiodata, I can cleary hear a rustling within my recording.
It is weird because it is only in about 50% of all recordings.
Do you have any ideas how to fix it? I would be so grateful.
Greets Robin

Sounds like a faulty mic cable or loose connection. Try using another mic cable and check if connection between interface and cable is loose.

I get rustling when my electric guitar is too close to my Sony KDL-32W40 LCD TV that I use as my computer (Ardour) monitor.

Also could be faulty component or dry soldered joint in preamp or A-D converter. It’s most likely going to be something in the analog domain, not Ardour or other software.
If you can provide a link to an audio sample, somebody might recognise the symptoms.

Thanks for the quick answers! I tested the same setup in Garageband and I had no issues, so the problem should be within Arodur5.
Here is a link as an example:

Could it be that my audio connections are not set properly? I am still confused by all the tracks and busses.

That’s distortion of the guitar sound, not a separate noise being injected.
Is that going though any plugins? A compressor set with ludicrously low attack and release time might sound like that.

It wasn’t clever by me to show you with a distorted amp. Here is a clean version where you can hear it better:

If you amplify the start of the file (by about 40 dBs) where there is no guitar you can see that the noise seems to be digital in nature. It seems like there are parts of the signal shifted right up or down from where it should be and the edge where this happens is usually very sharp. The change in voltage happens between two adjacent samples.

The sample file is 24 bits 44.1 Khz is your audio device capable of 24 bits ?

Are you sure you selected outputs and inputs from the same device when you created the session and did not use a aggregate audio device bundling two physically separate devices as one ?

I’m new to recording (+ no native speaker) so I hope i got all your information right.

My Interface is the Scarlett Solo with 24-bit resolution & sample rates of up to 96 kHz.

I am not sure whether my Outputs & Inputs are from the same device. Whenever I start a new session Input & Outputs are not correctly directed. When I open the “Audio Connection Manager” and go to “Hardware” on both sides I have 2 Inputs and 4 Outputs which is confusing to me because the interface goes directly in my laptop. There are no other devices. I don’t know how to set this properly.

Were you recording Ellen Greene at the time?

Any way you could have a routing error causing an output to be mixed back into an input causing feedback? Electronic, not acoustic.