running system in 32K for slower BPM, but recording in?

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my sound interface is RME Multiface (w/ pcmcia card) and im on Debian squeeze and Arour 2.8.14, jack 1:0.121
im puzzled with how do I record my session in 48K, while running system in 32K (im switching it in HDSPCONF menu) for slower BPM. I like this crunchy resampling and the BPM really suits my track.
do i need another soundcard running 48K via alsa_in (which i dont have right now) or is it managable within ardour/jack?

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why would you change your bitrate to slow your BPM? Just slow your BPM down. If your system is running at 32k it is running at 32k… You can’t have 2 separate bit rates running off the same jack server and you can’t have software running off 2 separate jack servers running at different bit rates. When you bring the bit rate back to 48k your samples will play faster and not sound as they did when you recorded them… You are best to record at whatever sample rate you want the recording to be in and use plugins or distortion pedals to get your crunchy sound…

If you are using 32kHz because of its sonic characteristics, you could run at 32 for the whole session and then export at 48, the tempo will stay the same. The problem is introducing prerecorded loops or samples will either play the samples at the wrong tempo or resample them into 32kHz which may lose the sonic characteristics you are looking for. Digital audio can produce some really cool artifacts, but its easy to lose track of everything and how the tempo can change.

Something else you can try is recording stuff in 32kHz, then creating a new session at 48kHz. Import those 32kHz files as raw files and tell the system that they are 48 and not 32. It will spread the samples out and the playback will be the tempo of the 32kHz session, but running in 48kHz