running native OS X ardour 2.1 - HOW DO I DO IT!?

I am a Recording Arts student at Full Sail, and hardly anyone I talk to even knows what Ardour is, but to me it looks and sounds like it is a great program. I wish I just knew how to get it running. The website makes it seem like there is a native OS X version (X11-free, as it says) coming out or is already out, but when I try to run ardour 2.1 on my MacBook Pro (OS 10.4.11) it still tells me I need X11 installed. Is there really a version coming out that I can just download the DMG, install it, and run it, as simple as that (without even needing X11 installed)? If not, are there any step by step instructions out there as to how I can get Ardour running without even knowing what X11 means and little knowledge into what JACK actually is? I am ready to make a healthy donation as soon as I can get in this program and start using it! I was super excited when I first found out about this program, but now I’m gettin antsy and want to see what it’s all about!

in short: you can not currently download a single DMG that will magically work.

but, don’t be discouraged. it’s not that difficult.

there’s not much to learn just to get a running setup.

also, it is definitely in your best interests to know what JACK actually is. there will most certainly be things you’ll need help with, but there are plenty of people to help, as long as you have a little patience and are completely willing to learn.

after all, if this is what you’re going to school for, you should have no problem learning.

Version 2.2, which is native for OS X, is literally days away from being released, as the lead developer has told me. It will not need X11 installed, and Jack will be integrated (i think) so the whole thing won’t be as hard to get going, although I agree with the last guy that it is a good idea to know what Jack is and how it works.

In short, wait a few days and then try 2.2. The end.