Run lua script with osc

Is it possible to run a lua script in ardour with osc message and send an argument to the lua script? As i understand you can only run an action script without arguments with osc? Or i missed something?
Thank you!

Unfortunately :frowning:
And since you’re limited to 32 ActionScripts, you cannot really go crazy …
I’ve made a request for feature to get it increased but it’s not been changed so far (I guess I should make a pull request)

Runtime arguments would be great.

More than 32 ActionScripts would be great too. A workaround for that limit could be that one script shows a dialog asking you - e.g. via Option buttons - which script you’d like to run. This master script could then run your choice. It means two extra clicks to run the desired script but now there’d be no limit on how many scripts could be triggered.

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