Rulers not working properly on version 2.7/1

I have just noticed that on version 2.7.1 I can no longer set a punch in range by clicking and dragging on the loop/punch ruler. Also when I click on the location marker ruler, the marker appears in a random location that is not necessarily on the screen. Am I doing something wrong?

I have just built 2.5 again and found loop/punch in range can be set as I expected and the markers appear in the correct place.

Any Ideas?

John T.

can you give me a detailed recipe for the case where left-click fails

Well the left click on its own simply places the play head. The problem is with the right click on the locations ruler, which brings up the menu: new location marker, clear all locations , unhide…

If, following a right click in the locations ruler I select new location marker, the marker appears in the place where I have clicked only if I am scrolled right back to the begining of the recording. If I scroll beyond, to the right, the location marker does not appear in the place I have clicked. It always appears within the very first “page” of the recording view - the zoom range does not appear to have any effect.

In fact - and this is getting complicated - if I am looking at the middle of a recording and I place a marker with a right click a distance x from the left hand edge of the recording view, the marker appears a distance x from the very begining of the recording. The zoom range does not change this behaviour.

Does this explain it?

John T.

Here are some screen shots that I hope are helpful.

The first one show me right clicking in the middle of a long recording I made from the radio. The screen capture software is confused by the popup menu but you get the idea where the menu is; it does appear on the screen correctly:

This is over 18 minutes into the recording.

The second image show where the marker appeared at the very begining:

Its the least I could have done. I will build the svn version asap. Thank you for ardour.

John T

Yes, all fixed now. I notice that it also fixes the issue discussed here:

Thanks again


johnt: can you give me a detailed recipe for the case where left-click fails to place the marker in the right position? thanks.

I found this very annoying when I first encountered it. But after I got used to it (and experimented with some other ideas), I realized it’s a nice tradeoff. The rulers were changed so that the default “left click” operation allows you to drag the playhead around. You get a much larger mouse target for moving the playhead.

The not-yet-released version in svn allows either “ctrl-left-click” or “right-click” to create loop ranges. I think new users are more likely to stumble upon a right-click operation than a ctrl-click. But ctrl-click still works also.


Use ctrl-drag

Yep that fixes it - thanks. I was a little concerned that it may have been something to do with my build. Thanks for letting me know.

John T.

And … I have just noticed that if I use ctrl+left click to set markers, they always appear in the right place. Hey, I am happy with that. Thanks again to Paul.

Now where did I put my guitar…


problem is fixed in svn, and thus in the upcoming 2.8 release. thanks for the clear explanation.

Use ctrl-drag. This might be (partially) reverted in 2.8.

The marker-in-wrong-place bug will be fixed in 2.8.