RT Kernel for Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid?

Has anyone managed to setup a stable RT Kernel for 8.10?

I was using Intrepid until I discovered the real time kernels were not stable for use w/ Ardour, etc. and so I have reverted to 8.04. However, I now have issues with my WIFI connectivity (the solution I am told: 8.10 ) :wink:

I can live without the wifi, but if anyone can point me to a usable kernel I’d be very grateful.



Thanks Dave - I think I shall stick to 8.04 and wait for Jaunty releases that play nice (without too much fiddling around). Wifi isn’t all that important to me.

I may have a go at dual booting 64 Studio though - I have been confusing it with Ubuntu Studio up and till now and have not tried it out.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks Q. I’m currently using 2.6.24-21-rt on 8.04 without any problems. Are you saying I should be able to test the 64 Studio 3 (Beta) Kernel with 8.10?

Thanks again,


I’m running a dual-boot system on a laptop with 64 Studio 3 beta on one partition and Ubuntu Intrepid on another. The Intrepid installation has been less than satisfactory for my purposes, particularly since it originally had only one Molnar-patched rt kernel that did not work properly. Lately some better-behaving rt kernels have appeared in the repos, I’ve added one to my grub menu (2.6.24-23-rt), it seems to be working all right. Unfortunately I haven’t tested it much recently, 64 Studio is serving my purposes much more nicely. If you decide to stick with 8.10 I advise that you disable hal polling and get rid of the network manager. You should also check to be sure you have adequate permissions and group membership. You might also want to use Rui Capela’s script to set IRQ precedence.

The problem came with a kernel regression, and that was only fixed with the advent of the 2.6.28 / 2.6.29 kernels. At 64 Studio we are testing a 2.6.29 kernel and the results are very good indeed. The development branch of 64 Studio is based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS main package repositories, so you will be able to install the 64 Studio kernel to test on your system.

Please note that 64 Studio 3.0 is still a beta release, but I have been using this with great stability for months now.