RPM spec file or repo for up to date versions?

I appreciate the scons build tool for keeping things simple across distributions. However, I’d like to stay on the bleeding edge in my Fedora CCRMA test environment. I use a VM to build my applications to keep my production and test environments as trim as possible. Is there a way to build and package for deployment via RPM in scons or is there an up to date .spec file for rpm-build?

I’m not very versed in using scons. Is there a way to build in one system and install into another?

Try pulling the Fedora 12 spec from the published Ardour 2.8.2 source RPM (hmmm, let’s see: try http://astromirror.uchicago.edu/fedora/linux/releases/12/Everything/source/SRPMS/ardour-2.8.2-3.fc12.src.rpm ) and edit to make work with 2.8.4.

Going to do this myself in a few days. For install on Fedora 11, you’ll need to track down some dependencies, most notably the newer version of libsndfile.

It’s a little inefficient space-wise, but you could just compile and then tar up the source tree, copy it over and then use scons install/uninstall or even just export the compile directory on the VM using NFS and mount it on the system where you want to install it and then run the scons install/uninstall on that system.

Scons install will work without all the necessary compile time libraries? That’s really the solution I’m looking for.

i dont think so…

maybe u will not need all depencies, packages or how u call that stuff :slight_smile:

what i mean is, u also need some packages to be able to run the software, u probaby wont
need all the -devel stuff anymore to make the install routine and/or run the software. even if u have
rpm for ardour, what would be some kind of an installation script… as far as i understand… u need
certain libs.

maybe u can create your own rpm and combine it with a pakage of all nessecary depencies and
libs and what ever… as a script or so…

guys, please just stop. either you are going to acquire the necessary skills to become actual package maintainers for a given distribution (and most distributions have a person who does for this for ardour already), or you are not. If you’re not going to go down that path, then its inappropriate to try to take wild guesses at how to do this. if you want to build ardour 2.X from source, then you use scons, and you need to have all the necessary pieces installed. If you want to install it as a package, use the package provided for your distro. If your distro doesn’t have one, then learn about how packages are built for that distribution from its forums/mailing lists/documentation, and don’t stab wildly in the dark with guesses about rpms, scripts, tarballs and so on and so forth.

I compile my own ardour Debian packages for myself, and have been for about a year now (using debuild, NOT check install). Its simple to do, and I have the process pretty automated now, so that when I want to compile a new svn, I just run some commands to begin debianizing it, copy my perfected ardour2 rules fie, and start the compilation/packaging process. I mostly do this to keep my system tidy, when upgrading to a new version of ardour, and just to keep my packaging commands fresh in my mind. There is really no reason to compile ardour from source for the hell of it, especially when there are already good packages available online. The only other reason I can think of to compile from source is to enable a less commonly used or less stable feature (which is why I started compiling and packaging ardour for myself, back when we needed the Steinberg sdk to enable VST ourselves…). I know this doesn’t help for rpm based systems, but I think Paul already said best what needed to be said…

[EDITED: Fedora 12 has Ardour 2.8.4 in testing updates now, see http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/linux/distributions/fedora/linux/updates/testing/12/SRPMS/ardour-2.8.4-1.fc12.src.rpm for one location. You need to get the updated libsndfile from http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/linux/distributions/fedora/linux/updates/testing/12/SRPMS/libsndfile-1.0.20-3.fc12.src.rpm or other mirror of the testing updates repository.]

Gentlemen, not to throw fuel on the fire or anything, but to answer the original poster’s question:

Please use the source RPM’s referenced above, and rebuild for your version.

You need to build and install the libsndfile RPM first. The Fedora 12 libsndfile will rebuild on Fedora 11 with no other modifications. Then you can build the ardour-2.8.4 source rpm and install the resulting binaries. The F12 binaries probably will not install as-is.

Orcan (the Fedora Ardour maintainer) is doing a fine job, even though the Fedora distributed RPM’s are behind somewhat; F11 included 2.8, and F12, released today, is still at 2.8.2, with updates coming to bring it to 2.8.4.

I’m removing the source RPM’s I had up; please base from the Fedora 12 testing updates versions mentioned above, and watch for the update to become non-testing in the near future.

Note that the Fedora RPM build is built with SYSLIBS=1; it builds fine without that in the specfile, but there are some historical reasons that it is there. See Fedora bugzilla for more information about why.

[POST EDITED 2:25PM EST 11/17]