Routing to master bus

(Ccee) #1

Having used 5.8.0 up unitl now I have just installed 5.12.0. I just reopend a project I was working on in 5.8.0 and nothing seems to be getting routed to the master bus. I hear nothing. I can see VU meter activity on all the tracks but none in the master bus. Also if I solo a track I can hear it. I’ve checked all routing configs but don’t understand what could be goin wrong.
Could anyone could suggest where I might look to get this wroking again?

(Robin Gareus) #2

Can you perhaps post a screenshot of the mixer-window? That may provide more information about issue.

Are the track outputs connected to master’s input? The fact that solo works would indicate this (unless you use AFL/PFL with a monitor section). From your description so far the most likely explanation is that some plugin produces invalid output (NaN) and indirectly forces master to be silent when it’s summed with other tracks.

Can you solo all tracks, do you still hear a sound? perhaps try to un/solo them one at a time…

(Ccee) #3

Thanks for the solo tip. It turned out that I was using Tal-Reverb-111 on one track and that seemed to be the problem. I removed it and added it again and voila… Sound.