Routing multiple outputs to tracks/busses from drum samplers

I am once again asking if there is any info on using plugins that can dynamically change the number of channels they output, such as Poise (Routing multiple outputs to tracks/busses from Poise) but also samplers from Electronik Soundlab and others. No, Flexible I/O does not help here either.

Maybe. It depends on the plugin-standard. So far this is only implemented for Ardour’s AudioUnit (on macOS) plugin-format, and not available for VST3.

You might be able to use Pin Connections in Ardour to manually reconfigure plugin I/O, but in case of VST, Ardour does not (yet) dynamically update the available I/Os after the plugin was instantiated. – Also for VST3, ardour currently only supports one optional aux-bus.

Thank you. I am using VSTs. Is there a specific roadmap item to support this sort of behaviour?

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