Routing multiple outputs from Carla

I’m trying to build a modular Drumgizmo setup in Carla as Mylofy suggests in this post. I got stuck along the way, though. My intention is to do all basic EQ etc inside Carla, and also group the different snare and kick mics. Then I want to route the outputs of this Carla module to a number of buses in Ardour, for example Snare, Kick, Cymbals, OH…
In my simple test setup, this won’t work.
I want this (the routing is shown in the images below):
The snare (out1) should go via Delay and Playback1 out from Carla and into Bus1
The kick and hihat (Out4/8) should go out via Playback3/4 and then direct into Master bus.

To get there I edited the pin configuration for Carla Patchbay and added (manual) 16 audio output. That seemed logical.

In this case all drums from Carla goes into Bus1. The only output that’s alive in ‘MIDI1 out’ is 1, which I can route to Master R/L or Bus1.

Why does all drums appear on MIDI1 Out #1, and only there? Where is my mistake?

This one is easy, but not obvious at all. Took me some time to find that out when I started using DrumGizmo:

First, easier than adding the 16 outputs manually, just disable “Strict I/O”:
And the 16 outputs will appear automatically.

With 16 outputs Ardour distributes the channels for surround panning, which we don’t want in this case. That’s why you can’t hear anything on Bus1. For direct routing you need to enable “bypass” in the panning area:

Now everything should go where it’s supposed to.

Thanks a lot, @mylofy. That was sooo not obvious! :smile: I never wold have guessed it. Now it works great!

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