Routing from Plugin-Outputs to Bus-Channel


i’ve managed to use Carla as Wrapper for Superior Drummer 3 to use it in Ardour on ArchLinux 4.18.16. My plugin-outputs are configured like the following example:

  • Kick -> Out 1/2
  • Snare -> Out 3/4

On the Track of the Plugin i’ve added up to 16 Outputs which i’ve connected to the outputs of the plugin via the ‘pinout’ view. The track shows the level-meters in the mixer view and they are reacting to the plugin input.

Now i wanted to use some plugins and fx to modify the drums. Therefore i tried routing the Out-1/2 to a Bus ‘Kick’. As far as i understood i have to select the Out-1/2 of the SD3-Track as In-1/2 on the bus channel. The same for snare, toms and overheads.

What i observed then was that the routing was completely different and the Track-Out-1/2 was playing the output of the overheads. The ‘Kick’ was routed to the FloorTom-Track (Out-7/8) and so on… The routing was completeley messed up and i couldn’t find any reason for this.

I’ve checked the Ardour-Routings and the Carla-Patchbay routings twice as well as the JACK connections via Catia. I couldn’t find any mistakes. I don’t think it’s a problem of Carla because i’ve tried the same setup in REAPER for Linux and it worked like i’ve expected. Therefore i don’t think Carla is doing something wrong.

What did i do or didn’t i do that could lead to this specific behaviour? Is there another way i could do this?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry if this doesn’t help at all, but I’d recommend you record the drums to tracks. Then you can more easily route, add plugins, and mix (without having to keep Carla and Superior Drummer running). Just an idea…

That’s what i’m trying to do. I want to share the project with another guy who doesn’t have SD. So i wanted to bounce/record the tracks. But i can’t because of the routing. I can’t get the single drums out of SD3. Even in Carla’s standalone mode it does work.

I tried with Ardour on Windows without wrappers as well.

Did you bypass the panner?

For multi-output, more than 2 channels, Ardour defaults to a VBAP panner. That may explain why channels at the outputs don’t correspond 1:1. right-click > bypass.

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Thank you Robin, that’s it. Just bypassing the panner solved it! Now i can route the tracks how i want!

Thanks for your answers!