Route MIDI-Track output to MIDI Control In


I am hacking on a remote muting button for podcast recording. All the podcast speakers get a WiiRemote device and can press the button to mute their channel. I am hacking some python code that generates MIDI Control signals that are sent into an Ardour MIDI-track, so that the muting requests get recorded. Finally I route the output of this recorded MIDI-track into Ardour’s MIDI Control In so that the concerning channel get’s muted on playback when there’s a muting request in the MIDI-track.

Unfortunately Ardour seems to ignore it’s own output connects on MIDI control input. As soon as I route the MIDI from the Ardour MIDI-track through, say qmidiroute, and then back to Ardour’s MIDI Control in, everything works. When I am connecting the output of the MIDI-track directly into Ardour’s MIDI Control in it doesn’t.



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