Route individual Hydrogen instruments to different tracks on Ardour

I was reading through the thread on tom sounds ( and realised the first thing I have to learn is how to get output from Hydrogen into different tracks on Ardour.

Up to now, I’ve sent the whole of Hydrogen’s output into one Ardour track and treated the audio from there but it’s obviously limiting as you’d want to treat snare, kick, hi-hat, toms, cymbals differently; just as you’d normally have each drum on a different strip in a live studio (not to mention a couple of ambient overhead mics).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m using Hydrogen 0.9.3 and I don’t see that option. It it new since 0.9.3 or renamed?

[edit] ok I got it - you need to change the audio driver option in Hydrogen from ‘auto’ to jack’

You then get the options appearing. On auto, it’s just a blank.

Thx for pointing me in the right direction

You have to enable this function in Hydrogen under Preferences by selecting “create per-instrument outputs”. Then when you choose the inputs of your tracks in Ardour you will find all the different pieces of the drumkit available.