ROOTs'n'TUX : a dub made with Ardour

Hello folks,

Here is my first share with you, this is the 3rd project I achieved using Ardour

This is midi-driven work :sweat_smile: :HELM for the bass, Zasfx for synth and a soundfont + drum samples played on a LSP multisampler*12

Some fx like CALF vintage delay, dragonfly verb and stonephaser.

I hope some people will appreciate reggae dub as I do, her is the track :

Please feel welcome and encouraged to give me your impressions about this work.

Have a nice day


I like it!! Great bass and kick drum! Is that the CM Subsine preset in Helm? Great mix too!

Hello and thanks for the feedback :wink:
I made a mistake as the bass synth isnt Helm but TAL nois3maker with a custom preset.

Hi! Good sound, nice audio effects! Tux :slight_smile: - fun! Is the plucked guitar sound also synth-based?

Thank you

unfortunately no I dont manage to synth this sound :frowning:
Sax and pluck are from a soundfont.

But it fits well. I don’t smoke, but such style music is super. :slight_smile: Thanks!