Roland V-Vocal editor

Im new to Ardour was wondering is there any type of VST or anything for Linux thats does what the Roland V-Vocal editor (see SONAR) does?

the short answer is no. the longer answer is that the tunafish project is starting to make some headway on this:

Really, I hate vocal tuners. Be a professional producer, and make the singer sing as many tracks as needed to get it right. These things sounds so awful, I can tell you exactly when it’s active in any track, in any CD, and I hate it. My advice is, if the guy can’t sing, kick him and find another singer for the band. Also, when you start working with things like vocal tuners too much, you become paranoid and starting hearing problems where there aren’t any. And also, must producers do not understand what is really an out of tune note, like when the singers really got it wrong, and what are the results objectively intentional variations in the pitch and part of a singer expression. Musicians are not robots, and not synthesizers (that are also not really tuned), and producers should keep in mind that no music is really tuned. I mean, NO MUSIC. Go to the theater and attend to more Orchestral concerts for training your ears. If it were really tuned, it would sound like shit. As an example, we could get many old records that are praised to the present day. Imagine what bad producers would do to Beatles songs if they had VST Vocal tuners back then. They would totally trash all the tracks the old boys recorded with their out of pitch, no vocal technique and still very emotional voices and beautiful tracks. HA. Trash Vocal tuners. Producers should be high grade musicians and should work together with the band in order to get the best performance from the musicians, still in the RECORD process of the project, not in MIXING.

I understand your point rafafredd but it doesn’t remove the fact that automated pitch correction does and should exist. For example I want to create a fast demo version of a song for my band. I don’t want to spend several hundreds of euros for a good bass quitar and five years to learn play it properly (I’m a cellist, not bassist or singer) and still I would like the demo to sound at least remotely like music.

Other reason might be that perhaps I just want my vocal track for some song sound something like cher.

Thanks Paul for the link to tunafish. Since I’m a Java developer I very well might try to contribute for that project and if I really get into it try to make lv2 realtime version out of the algorithms it uses.