Roland TD4 KX2 + Addictive Drums + Ardour 5

Hello guys,

I have a TD4 KX2 e-drum that I’ve been trying to make it work on Ardour so I can record high-quality drum sounds.

But i’ve run through some problems:

  • Addictive Drums can’t properly map the e-drum.
  • When launching AD as a standalone I can’t connect anywhere using wineasio. And can’t find AD on Jack (of course). Just works with “Windows Audio >> Pulseaudio output”.
  • Launching Ardour 5, with the proper settings will find AD and load it as a LXVST, but although AD has lots of outputs, each for an instrument, in Ardour it will only work with 2 outputs (although the others are still shown), like if it was stereo (everything comes out from those 2 outputs).
  • Running winecfg, I can’t change the audio system to Jack! Its locked into “winepulse”.

The e-drum is connected on my soundcard as MIDI, and to make it appear on Ardour, I use a2jmidid.

What am I doing wrong?
Can someone help, please??
I’m very noob with wine, always used Hydrogen for everything, but since I bought this e-drum, I can’t make it work.

Thanks in advance!

Just found this on the wine sound page (

JACK, the low-latency sound server, had a driver in the old driver architecture. It has been removed as part of the transition to MMDevAPI. This means that there is no JACK support in Wine at this time. If a developer is sufficiently motivated, they could implement an audio driver to restore support for JACK. The new driver would be expected to pass all tests, especially those in <dlls/mmdevapi/tests>, <dlls/winmm/tests>, and <dlls/dsound/tests>. An external git tree, frequently synced with main Wine, would be the best way to start. If this is a project you think you might undertake, please contact the wine-devel mailing list before you begin.

Users wanting to create a “bridge” to forward Wine’s ALSA output to JACK can find streamlined setup instructions here.

WineASIO users need not fear! WineASIO’s implementation is completely separate from the old drivers. If your application does all of its audio IO through ASIO, then your audio experience should not change.

I use dssi-vst and wine-rt from the kxstudio repos to run AD and it works fine, including all outputs. Launch Jack, right-click on the Addictive Drums.dll file and open with ‘vsthost’. I’m on Linux MInt 17.3 and later versions will not work for some reason so I’ve stayed with that.

Hi ignotus,
thanks man!!

I’m trying to use wine-rt, wineasio but I’m struggling to assign RT priorities to it.
It seems that wine-rt won’t do nothing by itself. It looks like you need to use:
"export WINE_RT=#
export WINE_SRV_RT=#
wine "

But which parameters should I use?
Are those parameters specific for my system or for AD2?
And how I’m gonna use those commands into a plugin? I understand they can be used to launch the standalone version of AD2.
But how to assign priorities to a plugin?

Also, trying to run AD2 on Carla, Carla knows somehow that AD2 is not signed as RT.
So, is there a way to sign it as being RT??