Roland Rubix 44 works OOTB

Copped the Roland Rubix 44 a few months ago. There wasn’t much literature out there on whether the rubix series of interfaces play nice with Linux / Jack / Ardour so I thought I’d chime in here.

It works great! Not a single problem so far, and a huge improvement over using my Novation X-Station synth as an interface (which also worked but was subject to little artifacts and a whimpy headphone amp).

At 192khz sample rate, I can get 1.3 ms latency. Virtually noise free. Highly recommended. Only regret is that the 44 is a bit overkill compared to the 22 or the 24.

How does the compressor / limiter work ? Is the attack / release time short enough so that the volume won’t “pump” ?

Good question! Roland does not seem to disclose the exact parameters of the compressors in the manual but there are two settings, one with faster attack/release than the other.

I haven’t really had a chance to seriously test the compressors, nor do I have the expertise to judge how good they are. They seem good, though? They’re probably good. I don’t have a mic or guitar to plug in yet; just some synths which do not have the unpredictable dynamic range that would benefit from these features.