Roland Duo Capture Ex


I have a Roland Duo Capture Ex with 48Khz/24 bit resolution.

Importing files with 96Khz/24bit works with Audacity but not in Ardour3.

What does Audacity different so that I can read and reproduce 96Khz/24bit sound-files with my Roland?

Thanks Martin

You haven’t really explained anything about the process you use to “import files”, so it isn’t possible to comment. Describe what you do with Audacity and perhaps we’ll have more to say.

First guess:

Your roland only supports 48k, and you are using a backend to Ardour that only supports 48k as a result (Jack for instance) and are trying to create a session at 96k which won’t work, as it will only be running at 48k.

Audacity is not a realtime ‘online’ audio software, it can resample as it needs to. Ardour is constantly processing audio at the sample rate determined by the backend, in your case 48k, so you would have to resample the audio in order to import it into the session as a result. Ardour will do this automatically, but you have to create the 48k session first.

That being said, as Paul said, need more info about what exactly you are trying to do, what the expected results are and what you are actually seeing.


Ok, I understand.
I have to create a 48Khz project then Ardour will resample the 96Khz to 48Khz when importing it automatically.
Works like a charm.