Rode NT-SF1 and VST with Linux?


I would like to use this ambisonic 360° microphone Rode NT-SF1 during my next recordings :

Seller told me VST drivers are working under Linux … Is anyone already had experienced this model using ardour and VST plugin ?

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I believe it works via WINE in Linux but, no doubt, depends on which version of wine or wine-staging you download. I’m assuming before you buy you could download the plugin at no cost and see if it opens in Ardour?:

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Thank you bachstudies for your interesting reply and link.

I’m not realy motivated entering parameters too use Wine … I encontered most of the time buggy situations in using it.

Anyway I asked directly to the Rode’s support about Linux drivers/VST compatibilities, waiting for their reply !

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I wouldn’t purchase it based on this if you don’t already own it, but there are other ambisonics plugins available for Linux that might work natively (Fon’s for instance). They aren’t as nice looking as Rode’s by any stretch though, but how much that matteres depends on the person. I am also not sure if Rode has additional processing as well that would have to be replicated.

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Thank you Seablade for your reply, have you got a link to this fon’s plugin and designed microphone to use with ? … I just found this link in ardour :

Soooo interesting guys !

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Probably can find it on Fons Adriaensen’s webpage:

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Please note that Røde’s Soundfield Plugin takes an Ambisonics Soundfield as input and converts it to stereo (or mono or 5.1 or something). You can then use the output of the plugin in Ardour using the regular (VBAP) panners. Ardour’s output will be Stereo or 5.1 or whatever you chose.

The link you posted ( describes the process of taking mono, stereo or Ambisonics sources and arranging them with Ambisonics panners. Ardour’s builtin panners have to be deactivated. The output will be in Ambisonics B-Format which you can decode with ambdec for playback on your speaker setup (or for binaural playback).

I use the Røde Soundfield Plugin to decode recordings of a Zoom H3 for work in Mixbus, which is stereo only. The Plugin works fine on AVLinux 2019 via Carla’s Wine bridge.

If you want to try it out, Røde offer some sample recordings that you can download. I’d highly recommend doing that.

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Hi guys and thank you for your comments, I just received the reply from Rode :

“Thanks for getting in contact with us,
The NT-SF1 microphone does not need any drivers to make a recording, just 4 similar mic pres set to equal gain. However you will need to use the Soundfield by RØDE plugin to decode your B-format signal.
The plugin comes in VTS, AAX and AU formats and is free to download
If this plugin is able to install on your system then I would recommend using the NT-SF1 microphone.”

Røde got one thing confused in their answer: The microphone’s direct output is called the A-Format. See

If you want to use the output of the SF-1, then you need a decoder like the Soundfield Plugin. You can also have a look at Matthias Kronlachner’s Ambix Plugins.

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Wahow, thank you Thomas, very interesting link :+1:

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