Rock Track "Bouge"

Hi Friends :smiley:

Here’s a new rock track, a newer, faster, stronger version than an older one :smiley:

Made with ardour 8.2 at home , french lyrics

Plugins used in this session:

1 * VST2 Gatelope (by airwindows)
19 * Lua ACE High/Low Pass Filter (by Ardour Community)
5 * LV2 x42-dpl - Digital Peak Limiter Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 Calf Bass Enhancer (by Calf Studio Gear)
5 * LV2 x42-comp - Dynamic Compressor Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
3 * LV2 ACE Delay (by Ardour Community)
2 * LV2 ACE Compressor (stereo) (by Ardour Community)
1 * LV2 x42-Autotune (by Robin Gareus)
9 * VST3 Dragonfly Hall Reverb (by Michael Willis and Rob vd Berg)
7 * LV2 x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Mono (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 GxHF_Brightener (by Guitarix team)
1 * LV2 Black Pearl Drumkit Multi (by Robin Gareus)
2 * VST2 DeBess (by airwindows)
1 * LV2 Stereo/Frequency Scope (by Robin Gareus)
1 * LV2 GxFuzzMaster (by Guitarix team)
16 * LV2 x42-eq - Parametric Equalizer Stereo (by Robin Gareus)
4 * LV2 ACE Compressor (by Ardour Community)
5 * LV2 Stereo Balance Control (by Robin Gareus)
2 * LV2 Calf Saturator (by Calf Studio Gear)
1 * Lua ACE Notch Bank (by Ardour Community)
8 * LV2 ACE Expander (stereo) (by Ardour Community)

Details :

Hope you’ll enjoy
Feel free to comment :wink:



I like the song, but I don’t really like the mix. For example:

  • the first guitar doesn’t really sound like a lead guitar, but sounds rather “cheap” or “scratchy”
  • the kick and snare drums are rather “flat”. They could use more “punch”
  • the splash cymbal (I think) of the drum kit sounds rather “weird”
  • besides the fact, that I don’t understand French :sweat_smile:, the vocals are sometimes pushed back too much by the wall of sound
  • based on the screenshot: in my opinion you just have way too much plugins on everything

If you want, I could try a “remix” of this song, if you provide me the raw wave tracks and give me some time. :slight_smile: Whatever I would come up with, you’ll get back my Ardour workspace…


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Hi slash,
Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

I think … you are right at each point
And I would really appreciate if you do a remix, to understand, to see and to hear what you will upgrade

Here a link available 7 days with the full session file if it’s ok for you :wink:


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Despite all the flaws I like this track, it has something attracting to it. Reminds me a bit of Mickey 3D but then with more fizz. Dig the vocals and the lyrics are cool too. @slash, vas-y, lance toi et bouge, c’est le moment d’être dans le rouge (bien que ce soit mieux de rester dans le vert pendant le mixage).

Argh, same problem as with previous remixes: I still use Ardour 6.9 here (I use KDE neon / Ubuntu 22.04) and therefore I cannot open workspaces that were created with newer versions of Ardour.

I tried to just import the wave files from your workspace, but there are many of them and it would cost me a lot of time to manually find the correct spot to move each snippet to…

Could you please do me a favor and do a “Stem Export” (see The Ardour Manual - Stem Exports) and send a tar.gz of those exported wave tracks (written into the “export” folder)? Just keep sure that you select:

  • File format tab → Format: BWAV 24bit, Session rate (normalization disabled)
  • Channels tab → select only the tracks, not the busses (in 6.9 this can be done using the “Selection Actions” Button → Select tracks)

Thanks and regards!

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Yes, done : done by un-checking “Apply track/bus processing”
it’s there : WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

If you prefer with the processing I can do It too :wink:

Thanks Jeremy :smiley:

An very approximated translation of a part the chorus is :
“Go ahead, let go and move
It’s time to turn into red”

And yes, in mixing, turning into green is always a better idea than to turning into red :joy:

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Here’s my result after spending about half of a day. :sweat_smile:
It uses mostly LSP plugins, some from Calf and x42, and the Dragonfly reverbs.

Here’s a screenshot for a quick comparison:

Some comments and thoughts about the raw tracks:

  • The bass guitar just sounds awesome as it is.
  • Drums: meh, I’d suggest that you try out some other kit, or even try out DrumGizmo together with the CrocellKit (which is the default for my own songs). You may also want to check the Muldjord and DRS Kit and choose the one you like best.
  • Vocals: the raw track sounds quite good. It’s maybe only the quality of the singing itself, that could need some improvement to hit the notes more exactly. :smile:
    • I noticed that your export contained two voice tracks, which are basically identical except of the volume and in one part of the song it looked like shifted to the right/left a bit. If your goal was to achieve some kind of stereo effect in this area, my suggestion is to NOT do this, because this leads to a comb filter / phasing effect, where particular frequencies are amplified or cancelled out depending on the delay time between these tracks. The better way to achieve “more width” for certain vocal parts is to double it → record the same part 3 times, take the best one for the main track and pan the other two to the left/right while also turning down their volume as desired.
  • Guitars: I don’t know, the raw tracks already sound somehow weird to me. Could you elaborate on how you recorded those?

Merci and best regards.

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Thanks a lot slash !!!

For the time you spent on it and for all the advices :smiley:

Grand merci à toi

I used electric guitars → BOSS GT-1 multi-effect pedal (hi-gain stack effect, without reverb) → VOLT1 audio interface (with “vintage compression”), under -18 db

Ok, does this pedal also do a cabinet emulation?
I think that it doesn’t (or you didn’t enable it) and that’s why the recording sounds so “scratchy”.

I just tried adding a “GxCabinet” plugin on each of the guitar tracks and it sounds much better. :slight_smile:
For example, try a 2x10 on Guitar 1, a 4x12 on Guitar 2, and readjust the gains/faders so the volumes are matching up again…

I check the pedal : I think this wasn’t enabled.
So I added GxCabinet :wink:

Thanks slash

Hi !
With the helpfull advices of Slash I made an upgraded mix :

For the voice, I didn’t record again, I used “How to pitch correct vocals with Free Software on Linux (x42-Autotune in Ardour)” tutorial from unfa :sweat_smile:


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Good work, big improvement compared to the original.

If you would have another look at the vocal de-esser (in some parts, the ‘s’-es are jumping out too much, IMHO), your mix is even better than mine, ha ha ha. :wink:


Thanks again Slash :smile:

I’ll try to upgrade the de-ess (probably with DeBess :


Hi friends,
For the final track, I used Debess with automations.
You can be hear the result there :