Rock 'n' Roll song - "Such Is LIfe"

Hi, everyone. Please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a professional web developer with an un-ending need for music.

I was with a band and we didn’t have any money, so I decided to figure out how to record our own albums.

A year and a half later, I found myself with a very low budget recording studio which consisted of a couple of SM-57’s, an AudioTechnica condenser, a few dynamic drum mics, an 8-channel pre-amp, and an M-audio 1010 PC interface.

Using ardour, jamin, Muse, and a bunch of LADSPA plugins, we created this song.

This was done about 3 years ago, but I only recently came upon this forum.

Listening to this song now, it all seems a bit muddy to me (although considering the price of the equipment, I think it also is reasonably high-quality).

I just was wanting a few other opinions from people who understand audio recording, and what ardour can do.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the song.


skrtly steal it :smiley:

Thanks for your comments, Aidy. The writer of that song was the player of the electric (distorted) guitar, so he made the calls there. I agree that the song could sound quite good with the distortion completely out, but, what can ya do?

Thanks for the compliments!


Very nice song! -|:-D

I like it very much :smiley:
I have a few remarks though (purely on instinct, I’m not a pro in any way)

I think it’d sound so much better if the chord spread on the guitars wasn’t so low, but contained more clear high notes. I also wouldn’t add so much distortion (or whatever makes that hard rock sound) to the guitars…

Anyway what I would do is, bring out the bass and the keys out more, then the acoustic/distortionless guitar (there is one in there right?) and then at the lowest level the heavy rockish guitars - if you still want them.

It’s definitely got hit potential, but then again, what does that mean :smiley:

I’d love to hear how you play that song now!