Rock made in Ardour and Mixbus

I forgot that this website had a Made in Ardour section. I posted this a while back in Linuxmusicians forums. … 2013-06-12

Tell me what you all think. I need to switch out the snare drum sample, but I played all the instruments. My home is on drums but I dabble in guitar and keys. Mixing in Mixbus has been a treat, and I had (relatively) no problems using MIDI in ardour 3.

This project was mainly to become intimately familiar with Ardour and Mixbus, so that I felt comfortable enough to use them in a semi-professional environment.
It has been a while since I’ve touched this track, but I’m sure I will revisit it in the future because I’m in love with the chorus.

sorry, don’t mean to double post, but I realized that my link wasn’t really a link.

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Nice work! Some great sounds, I like the intro piano sound a lot. Great drumming too although I’d like to hear a bit less guitar and hear a bit more definition and presence in the drums but that’s just my opinion. Best of luck finishing the song!

Liked and following. Good work.

@qualitymix: I liked a lot most of the riffs and the song is insteresting, liked a lot the piano too, however i felt the Piano too present in the mix when there was also drums and guitars, would be very nice to reposition it in another place on the mix once all instruments come in since it takes a lot of the mix and makes it a bit confusing.

Guitars are very nice except the choice of sound used at: 1:31 but’s a nice song! following!

Im impressed with this, though i do agree about the piano. Piano’s can be tricky sometimes as they take can up a lot of space in the mix . Rather than adjusting the volume maybe eq it to take out some stuff that allows everything else to sit better.

Or maybe use a different piano sound to fit into the other instruments.