Rock en linux

Instrumental de Rock Hecho bajo linux debian 7, con ardour, hydrogen, y jamin, interfaz lexicon omega, mic shure sm57, guitar telecaster american special, bajo washburn xb 120, guitar amp marshall mg100, bass amp peavey tnt 115, pedales fulltone ocd y boss DD7.


Apologies for my English reply, but this sounds very good! Well mixed. Very tight sounding recording and nice guitar tones… tres bon!

hello, thank you very much, i’m glad you like my work. It makes me feel so happy, please follow my soundcloud ,greetings from venezuela.


“Bonjour” was very stupid then…lol! I read your description far too quickly and went to listen right away… my apologies for getting the language wrong *GMaq blushes…

apologies from Canada…

Buenos dias. :slight_smile:

Really good indeed !

hey… thank you. buenos días

¡Me gusta mucho! El pickscratch al inicio es un buen toque. Me gustaría escuchar más música tuya.