Rock Drums Track - feel free to use it - Licence CC BY-SA

I’ve done a Rock Drums Track with CC BY-SA Licence, feel free to use it :slight_smile:

An unfinished (no bass, no voice, just guitar) example of use is here :

Done with:

  • Debian Bookworm
  • Ardour 6.9 (Debian package)
  • Drumgizmo 0.9.19-1
  • ACE High/low Pass Filter
  • x42-eq Parametric Equalizer Stereo
  • x42-Comp Dynamic Compressor Stereo
  • CrocellKit kits:crocellkit – DrumGizmo Wiki

On how to use DrumGizmo and CrocellKit drumkit : take a look at Making a drum part with DrumGizmo in Ardour (unfa live 2021-06-06) - YouTube
And I’ll try to upload the .mid file in the topic (I don’t know if it is possible at the moment :thinking: :wink:)

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About the upload of the .mid file :smile:

  • base64 encoding is not very …enthousiastic
  • I tried stegonography (steghide) to upload the .mid file, but it’s not ok (the downloaded file and my uploaded file are different, so it won’t work)

Maybe later…