RME MADI Card on a Linux system?

Hi, Does someone succeed to configure the RME MADI Card on a Linux system?

The card should be supported by the ALSA snd-hdspm driver, so “modprobe snd-hdspm” should just work. You can find more details on the ALSA website.

If you have specific issues related to the driver you might be better off asking on the alsa-users mailling list.

This card works (plays back and records) out of the box on my 64studio distro.

The original author of the driver has some additional notes and utilities here:

It has been a while since I messed with this driver, but I remember having some problems with clocking from an external wordclock source. Some cards would use an external source and others wouldn’t. It may be a firmware issue. If you have problems with the card, you can consider running the Mac firmware updater, and downgrade to an earlier version of the firmware. I vaguely remember that that had some effect.

If you use the card as the master wordclock source then you won’t have any problems.

Please post your experiences at the ALSA page for the MADI driver.

-Ben Loftis

thanks ben
we will build a test system on pc hardware within the next weeks.
I´ll report
someone any new ideas?

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