RME Digiface USB

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Has anyone already experience with the RME Digiface USB Interface under Linux?
I have ordered one and am looking for a long time no longer sure whether it runs under Linux / Ardour properly.

Hopefully I do not have to switch to Windows or MacOS because of the drivers.

(Paul Davis) #2

It runs in class compliant mode.

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Good to hear.
I am looking forward to the 32 inputs and 34 outputs and will report on the result here.
Thank you

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please do post your experience with the digiface USB. this interface is exactly what I need for my audio work, but only if it works under Linux. I emailed RME about it and they just gave me a one-line response saying that it does not operate in class compliant mode, despite the mode being referenced in the manual…

anyway, not sure if class compliant mode isn’t fully functional, or if they just don’t want to support it… either way, would really appreciate a report :slight_smile:

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@gabeos: RME told you the truth.

Unfortunately the interface under Linux is not recognized.
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 2a39: 3fa0

I will probably have to change my operating system …

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Can anyone tell me which organization I need to contact to get a Linux driver for the RME Digiface USB in the near future?

Somehow I do not find the right information and contacts.

Currently I’m using Ardor with this interface on MacOS which makes me very unhappy because it comes to xruns constantly.
I would really like to use Linux again, but I need this interface.

Thank you in advance for the help.

(Paul Davis) #7

If there is no class compliant mode, then you would need to convince (a) RME to provide the specifications for writing a device to work in non-class compliant mode (b) find someone to write it. (a) is quite unlikely to happen based on past experience working with RME regarding their USB devices. Until it does, there is no point even thinking about (b).

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My first question is, why is it causing xruns in OS X?

RME is known for rock solid drivers among other things, so if there are dropouts happening, something is wrong.


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My impression is that they may be more open to it again now, at least based off the conversations I have had with the folks at their booths in various shows (Infocom etc.) but that may just be that there is a communication breakdown between US and EU operations and me being hopeful.


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I contacted RME Germany today and inform you as soon i get answer.

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Sorry because it is so late.
On the part of RME I was informed that a driver for Linux is neither planned nor planned for the future. Regarding a provision of appropriate data for a programmer who could write the driver was unfortunately unresponsive.

It is a pity that here is not a very small group of users banned by a supplier of high quality hardware.

But probably nothing will change.

Personally, I have completed with RME.
The products are out of the question for me.

The decisive answer:
“You can not find another provider that provides 32/34 channels over USB”

Should this statement actually force me to switch to MS or Apple?

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Is the audio pass through class compliant? Isn’t the drivers needed to run the configuration utility, which only works in Windows?

If that’s the case, run a windows VM and pass the USB through, to configure and save? And use Linux and ardour for the main utility?

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The Digiface USB is not class compliant like some other RME interfaces are.