Ripple editing across all tracks

With ripple editing all tracks affected by the cut have their right hand clips to move with the editing. However, if there are tracks belonging to the group which should move with the edit but have no audio going at the edit point they will stay in place. In Reaper there are two modes of ripple editing that solves this problem, ripple editing single track and ripple editing all tracks.

At the moment I have to manually select all clips to the right (extending to the end of the project). This would not have been so bad if I could have made the selection into a group so it would be recallable but as it is this is really tedious.

Anyone with a solution?

Yes, that is a limitation of Ripple mode: it’s not really designed for that kind of use case.

There is an action to select all regions after the edit point, “Edit | Select | Select All After Edit Point” (<Shift>+<Ctrl>+E by default), which is certainly simpler than manually selecting them all.

Alternatively, “Track | Insert Time” will insert the same amount of time on all selected tracks, though for this you need to know exactly how much time to insert, rather than just dragging the regions. has more.

Great I will try that. Unfortunately I have much of this kind of editing.

Great advice. It actually does exactly what I want (as long as it is small movements and no precise automation since that and markers do not follow). In my case I may move everything ±10ms so it works really well.

Coming from Samplitude/Sequoia and Reaper, I’m used to being able to ripple edit across all tracks. I think I understand all the workarounds possible in Ardour (grouping, insert time, selecting regions after an edit etc) but nothing is as efficient or safe as engaging all-track ripple editing. Another thing that would go along with all-track ripple editing is ability to have markers and ranges follow the ripple edit.

Case study: Project is pretty much edited and CD markers added. Client wants to add one more song in the middle of the album. Then ensues many mouse clicks, drags, zooms and panic as things like markers and regions get misaligned. Ideal solution: Enable ripple edit across all tracks, move middle of album to the right (by clicking/dragging on a single item that immediately follows), drop in new song, close gap and add new CD marker. Done.

Another clear benefit for multi-track projects is that auditioning gaps between tracks would be a piece of cake. Making one change in the middle of the album would maintain gaps elsewhere.

+1 for the ripple edit on all/multiple tracks:

I work in radiophonic and sound creation, often with a lot of tracks and regions.
Other case study:
I’m editing a piece with >30 people speaking, one track for each. I’m working with hundredths of regions since the interventions are all mixed. When I want to insert a region, I have to Select All after edit point (ctrl+shft+E), and move all together. If by accident I move a fade or resize a region within the selection, ALL region will be affected: :bomb:
Once I lost one day of work, because I didn’t noticed immediately, and then my new takes was mixed with a damaged work. Fortunately I was making snapshots twice a day (now it’s >10 :slightly_smiling_face: )