Ripple Edit?

I’m just beginning to use Ardour, and one of the items that I ‘use a lot’ in my video editors is a ‘ripple’ edit. Usually it is when I am removing a chunk of a clip, and want to delete it, and have the resulting ‘empty’ space filled up with the media further down the time line.

In using Ardour, it seems that one can ‘split’ a region, then delete a chunk between two splits, but there is a ‘hole’ left where the deleted chunk was… then that necessitates a slide of the remaing regions on a track to eliminate the ‘hole’…

Is there a form of delete that allows for the ‘hole’ to be closed up between two regions?

ardour’s “splice” edit mode (select via the edit mode selector near the upper left of the editor window) is theoretically similar but it often breaks badly. try and it and see if it helps in your case; otherwise the answer at this time is “no”. Its definitely on the list for the post-3.0 development cycle.

Ben Loftis has begun work on an enhanced editing dialog which does (or will) offer ripple edit. I’ve been hoping to help him with it sometime but I need to wait until I can upgrade to Ardour3 (all my development efforts are currently with Ardour2). Shouldn’t be too much longer though.