Ripped CD Tracks Play Faster, Even At Native Sample Rate

I have a MAJOR issue that I need to resolve ASAP. I imported some tracks from CDs to WAV files at 44.1 khz to edit them using Ardour to make the soundtrack for a theatre production. However, all the tracks seem to play faster than they’re supposed to now. I set JACK to match the sample rate of the tracks, 44.1khz, but in Ardour they still play about one pitch too high. It’s like I’m missing some sort of pitch shift control or something. What is wrong, and how do I fix it?


dbsoundman are you using a commercial built in soundcard on your computer? Sometimes these cards are only capable of a few sample rates. For example som soundblasters will ONLY operate at 48kHz and 24kHz… Whenever you play a 44.1kHz file through one of these the audio must be resampled. What you could maybe try is running your session at 48kHz, then importing the files and let ardour upsample them. See if this fixes it :slight_smile: