Right drag select midi notes

Just looking at the midi editor, I can use tab to select multiple notes and hold alt then hover over each note also, but in draw mode if I could right drag to select midi notes would be good, it would also let you select say all the F# notes to move.
I can ctrl+alt left drag in grab mode that draws a selection box but no notes are selected.
Maybe there’s another way or setting I have missed ?

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You can Shift + click on the piano-header on the left side to select a given note (adds to selection in draw and internal-edit mode).

PS. middle-mouse-button click clears selection first, and selects a given note exclusively (but that’s broken from 5.5. to 5.12, works again current git)

Clicking (or right-clicking) and dragging in edit mode would be very useful in order to quickly be able to select a group of different notes. It seems that ctrl+alt + drag should do this, but as Musocity pointed out it doesn’t do anything.

Most just have left or right drag to select notes but you could have ctrl left drag or ctrl right drag.

You can do this in internal edit mode (“e”) but not in draw mode (“d”). Draw mode interprets mouse motion as attempts to create notes; internal edit mode interprets mouse motion as attempts to select notes.

We have no precedent for using right button drags for anything, and it conflicts with the general convention of right-click as a context-click.

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LOL (‘e’) yes that’s all I’m after, thanks !
The midi editing all seems to work good, in (‘e’) ctrl to draw the note, I can do everything I need. Someone was asking for “better MIDI functionality” so I was just trying it out.

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