Right click problems

Hello, I asked this in IRC but couldn’t convince my client app to stay logged in.

I’m having a bit of trouble with right clicking on location markers and inserts. The menu items are often unclickable, and i have to click out and right click on again many times to actually be able to click on the menu items.

I read the “first time” link and removed the .ardour2 folder (at the expense of my “favourites”, it now seems), but the problem still occurs.

I’m using os x 10.6.5, ardour 2.8.11 and jackosx 0.8.7.

Is there anything I should do to fix this, or if you have never seen this issue before, is there anything I can send to you to help you diagnose it?


@shabbyrobe: (1) #ardour-osx IRC is most active during “day” hours in US Eastern, and you don’t stay connected long enough to get replies to questions posted at 06:55 :slight_smile: (2) something like this problem is known but was believed (and confirmed) fixed in 2.8.11 on a variety of OS X systems. Unfortunately, none of the core developers of Ardour have 10.6.X (because its too hard to build portable versions of OS X on 10.6 - we have to use systems stuck at 10.4 to ensure that what we build will work with 10.4 and 10.5). However, the known problem did not affect right clicking on markers and so forth, AND there is never any need to right click on menu items (in fact, in general, that shouldn’t really do anything). So I suspect that something else is going on. Could you please describe in excrutiating detail an example of where you try to right-click on a location marker and it doesn’t work? Also, please report on your mouse preference settings (system level preferences).

just to confirm this “bug”

i use mixbus on a snow leopard system and i have the same issue. it’s not right clicking it’s just clicking on a marker and trying to rename it. it only works every second time (most of the time) sometimes it works 2 or 3 times in a row. i did not find a pattern yet.

mouse and trackpad preferences, values that are off are in brackets:

no mouse present (laptop)


one finger:

tap to click
(drag lock)
(secondary click)

two fingers:

pinch open & close
screen zoom
secondary tap

three fingers:

swipe to navigate

four fingers:

swipe up/down for expose
swipe left/right to switch applications


Actually the OP got on IRC yesterday and chatted with us, the eventual conclusion is that the patch IS in Mixbus to correct this, but not in the current release of Ardour(Obviously it is in Ardour’s SVN). If you are having problems and are up to date with Mixbus, come in IRC via Help>Chat to help us try to figure it out. I can tell you with an identical system I don’t have the problem described with the most recent version of Mixbus.



looks like i was screaming to loud :slight_smile: i just updated to mixbus 1.4.1 and the issue has gone…

those damn mixbus updates are coming fast!

sorry for the noise