Rich vocal recording made with Ardour

Check out my latest song release “Late in the Day” here: Web page details all the software used to make the audio recording (I.E. Ardour plus lv2 plugins). Web page also contains links to video version (Odysee and Youtube), audio only on BandCamp.

Vocal recording workflow. I am not a professional singer. This song’s lyrical arrangement was a challenge for me. The song’s tempo was just too fast for me. I did not have the time to enunciate the lyrics, or breathe off mic. So instead of singing the whole song, I recorded myself singing alternating sections. For example, I used one mono track to record myself sing verse 1, 3 and 5. I used a second mono track to record myself singing verse 2, 4 and 6. That gave me enough time to enunciate and breathe off mic.

I set the 2 mono vocal tracks output into a mono bus. I repeated that process 3 times. I then set the 3 mono vocal buses output into a single stereo bus. I panned one mono bus to the right, one mono bus to the middle, and one mono bus to the left. I set the stereo vocal bus output into the master bus.

Finally, I added 2 plugins to the stereo vocal bus:
x42 stereo equalizer and the Dragonfly Hall reverb I used the equalizer to boost the treble. The Dragonfly Hall reverb blended everything together.

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