RhythmFerret on Multitracks


I’m experimenting with the rhythm ferret on drum multitracks. When selecting multitracks and analyzing, all selected multitracks are analyzed and cut, e.g. it also “listens” to tom hits, which leads to looots of cuts.

Most time when I edit drums, I look for kick and snare hits but want to edit the entire multitrack performance. I encountered the following:

  1. Select kick and snare tracks
  2. Analyze the via the rhythm ferret (so the grey lines are shown)
  3. Select the entire multitracks
  4. Let the ferret do its work.

This leads to a full performance that was only cut at the kick & snare “spots”. I fine-tune drum fills later and don’t bother having the related cuts in the first place.

Hope that’s useful to some folks :slight_smile:


By multitrack do you mean each track is a separate microphone recording of the same performance?

exactly. I’ve got snare top, snare bottom, etc.

Have you considered using the merge feature so that you are dealing with a single track that contains all the separate tracks?

You might also like my auto split script (it’s a lot faster - and I think more accurate - than rhythm ferret) it just splits the track, it doesn’t remove the silence. It only works on a single track, but using the merge feature that’s not a problem.

I made a video which demonstrates this in my sample editing workflow.

Merge feature? I’m aware of combining regions.
In your video it seems like you’ve merged the individual tracks into a huge multi-channel track. Can this be done on the fly?

This is in the import window. As long as the audio files are the same length the option will be there.

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You can probably do it after the fact by editing the session xml, but I doubt it’s a pleasant task :slightly_smiling_face:

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UPDATE: In deed, editing a single 13-channel track works better for me performance-wise. I just finished yet another song’s drum editing. Thanks again for pointing out that feature, @DHealey

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