revisiting 0.5ish with Cold Duck video

i don’t know if it was actually Ardour 0.5 but it was a minute after the first appearance of jackd and stability, what stability? i can’t recall the last segfault, awesome. but on that nite i remember there being a dozen segfaults during setup. lol

the link will be in this directory:

this version of the video isn’t final. there’s a fade in of a still of the bar that gets deleted and you can still notice that some of the cut aways aren’t from that song–such is life when limited by two cameras. it’s close enough to enjoy and not embarrass me.


I guess ardour 0.5 is enough with such musicians :wink:

drummer and sax are father and son but that lineup has never practiced or performed together and you can see that from time to time. reguardless, you’re correct, those cats can play. i think jay leno gave terrace that sax when he was a high school kid and then paid his tuition to julliard or some such school. curly came out of north ohmaha, became an LA session drummer and worked with people like Buddy Miles, Etta James, Marvin Gay, and that list is several dozen stars longer. Sam, I only know that he’s from Iowa and plays his ass off.