review on Mixbus/Ardour

I saw this on YouTube today.
Great review on the Mixbus/Ardour but he kinda annoyed me one things he said about the editor(Ardour).

What annoyed you? It sounded rather positive to me.


I thought it was generally positive as well, At first I had a hard time taking him seriously…“like seriously dude!”

I think when you are attuned to the Ardour side of this equation and realize the dedication, sacrifice and hard work of Paul and his fellow developers and actually have spoken to some of these guys on IRC or have met them in person then you immediately bristle a bit at such a ‘customer entitlement’ attitude. But this is a review on Mixbus32C which is indeed a commercial product and I doubt the reviewer is even aware of the magical collaboration that goes on behind the scenes. His comments on the monitoring situation seemed a bit heavy handed and his level of exasperation at the one major thing he wanted changed was I think more influenced on how much he loved Mixbus32C and out of the disappointment that he felt he had to continue to use Reaper although it’s mixing DSP capabilities were hard pressed even with top-shelf commercial plugins to rival Mixbus32C’s built-in DSP, that in itself is a huge compliment.

He seemed to love the ‘robust’ editor and acknowledged it was worth getting informed on using it to benefit from many of it’s great features, the tempo map thing is on the list for the next MB release which only leaves the monitoring issue as a major complaint. I understand funkmuscle’s ‘protect Ardour’ instincts, but I agree with Paul I think the review was definitely mostly positive…

Kudos to all on the Ardour and Mixbus teams!!

It was a pretty positive review. I’ve been watching Glenn’s channel for quite some time, and you could say that he has a “big” personality. Also, you have to realize that while he is honest in his reviews (at least from my perspective), he is also there to sell himself and his channel to make money. There is a certain amount of “Regular Glenn x 5” character that I imagine he throws into his show.

I keep commenting on his MixBus videos that it’s based off of Ardour, so hopefully he eventually makes it over here for gander at the newer versions. I don’t know how MixBus tracks the versions of Ardour, but the last 3 major versions of Ardour have all been really major, so I was trying to get him to check out the newer versions. He’s also a Windows user I think, so I’m not sure how that would play into his perception of Ardour, either.

I love what I do and I subscribe to his channel that’s how I got the information. I guess I used the wrong word annoyed. Could be me. I guess from watching Ardour grow to where is it and from you guys but being a corporation but an open source project, I guess I only want to hear Praises for you guys and no criticism but I know that criticism is necessary for growth and for things to improve.

sorry, that should of said I love that dude not I love what i do.

Harrison is selling it as a corporation. So he has a right to say “I want x and y and z”. I agree the review was very positive. I would not ever tell this guy hey lighten up it’s an “open source only a few hobby devs working on it” app. I am quite happy to have it reviewed so well compared to other closed DAWs. People watch his Youtube stuff because they want straight talk about products.

That said, I am not sure what he meant by the monitoring stuff, internal monitoring is not a problem with a good low latency machine.

He wants what we tend to call “cue monitoring” … listening to material from disk and incoming data at the same time.

Cue Monitoring… as in
“you hear the part that you played before and are re-taking”, so you get a cue from the bits that you are about to discard for a hopefully improved rendition, is that it?
I can see how that could be useful… I find it a bit disconcerting when the “cue” part cuts out the instant you punch in the recording.
Most of Glen’s gear reviews seem to end in complete destruction, so you have every reason to be proud!

cue monitoring as in “tape machine mode” maybe? hear the tape before punch in, and then hear the input since punch out?

stratojaune: no, as in both incoming and existing data, at the same time.

That’s not something I’d want every time. I mean, if it’s to correct a mistake or something that’s out of tune, why would I want to hear myself playing/singing it wrong while I’m trying to do it right?

@paul: I see now, thanks!
+1 @anahata, I don’t understand the goal of that feature, it seems to blow your listenning if you’re re-rec to do it better?

Overdubbing MIDI parts is probably the most obvious case.

@paul it sounds nice to me, did you meant that it’s now possible to record kick and snare on a MIDI track, and then on the same region of that track one can use that feature to record hh, etc ?

@stratojaune: it’s not yet possible. It’s a feature request, somewhere on the ToDo list.

@ecantwell: Mixbus beta/development-version is basically ardour-git. Mixbus releases however are a lot more conservative and Harrison maintains stable branches. Latest Mixbus 3.7 is based on Ardour 4.7 with some select (stable, backported) features up to Ardour 5.4.

I’m not sure if pointing Mixbus users to Ardour is a good idea. While they’re based on the same source-code and share a lot of functionality, they’re really two distinct products which, surprisingly don’t compete much.