Reverb VST

Can anyone recommend a good 64-bit reverb VST? I haven’t been able to find much of anything, aside from Reverberate by LiquidSonics, which I don’t like. Would prefer a free VST if possible.

You don’t say which OS but:

Plate reverb emulation for Linux, Mac, Windows, 32 and 64Bit - VST, VST3, AudioUnit JACK etc - Ardour compatible, not free (because it turns out that making audio software is actually quite expensive and complicated)


I’m a very satisfied user of the RVB-500 mentioned above (using it on 32 and 64bit Linux) I originally purchased it primarily with drums and guitars in mind but now that I have it I find it sounds great with pretty much anything, obviously a ‘plate’ reverb is only one distinctive sound of many types of reverb but this one is really rich and versatile…