Reverb Impulse Response Collections

Continuing the discussion from Are there good alternatives for the free Reverb plugins found on Windows? - #30 by x42, I am interested in Impulse Responses for Reverbs, particularly those that can be freely redistributed.

x42 Zero Config|Latency Convolver comes with IRs (and presets) for

These IRs can also be used with any convolution plugin, yet the presets are specific to the LV2 plugin.


thanks Robin
This is a set I really like the sounds of

It doesn’t say it’s libre though, so it might be pirating lexicon

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Thanks @merryl0, the licensing of those is indeed a bit tricky.

Another vendor, Bricasti, stated that it is “allowed to create impulse responses with the M7, as long as these IRs are not included in any commercial product”. So it is safe for me to offer those with the free/gratis zconvoler LV2 plugin.

As far as I know Lexicon has no such clause, but it is obviously allowed to use the reverb on productions… yet what if my music is just an “impulse” :thinking:

The files clearly show some low level analog noise, so the IRs were not directly digitally lifted off the hardware. GN says on their website that he recorded them, and shares them freely. It also does not replace the Lexicon which has additional controls for each Reverb Preset.

The files have also been up for a long time as well, so I’m only a little worried to have added presets for them now, available from the x42-zconvolver page.


That’s great Robin
I love the sounds and use the lexicon irs a lot
Ive got the lv2 from your page
Hoping Lexicon doesn’t send the boys round!
Many thanks

Maybe use the same method as some vendors are using when guitar amps and gadgets are modulated and/or captured? Perhaps the Lexicon 480 IR pack should be renamed Lex 4 the 80’s or something?

I guess it’s probably ok to distribute them as is, I have several (paid) cabinets, mics, and pickup IRs from different vendors and can’t recall that they were ever written somewhere that they have produced the IRs with permission from anyone.

I thought I’d chime in here: I read up on how to make IR’s, and well it’s not necessarily too hard, but it does absolutely rely on having a good room to do it in, which more of us do not, so I would love to ask those who do to make a few, and offer them for use in all of the great software that can use them. Whoever has a good, maybe even unique sounding room: Have at it , and I love you for it!!

Some of the big studios sell theirs, and get big bucks for them, but I bet there are many more to be had just as good or even better for whatever reason.

Don’t ever put down your dad’s basement until you heard what it sounds like!!! :joy:

Lexicon PCM 90